#art collections


Fotografische Dokumentationen von Schmuck-, Uhren-, und Kunstgegenständen, wie auch von Vitrinenobjekten.



Documenting Private Collections & Favorite Items

Lost the overview of your collectibles? Get your collection finally in order... Have your favorite collectibles (such as jewellery, flowers, porcelaine, toys, matchbox cars, even your pet) photographed documented, or filmed.






Decisive Advantages

Providing collectors worldwide with a unique way to document their precious collections

Photographed collection printed.


Having a collection documented can be an decisive advantage for:

- Augmenting the complete value of the collection for later sales, auctions etc.

-Reference imagery to present collectibles to potential buyers without the risk of presenting the original

- Insurance purposes

- Private purposes, to enjoy

Any kind of collections......


Documentation available in English, French, German